How To Get Him Back After A Break Up On Your Terms

Do you want him back?When you’re completely focused on how to get him back after a break up, it can make you lose yourself. You can be so caught up in changing yourself to make him want you again that you forget that you attracted him to you in the first place. He loved you once. Chances are, he still loves you, even if the two of you aren’t together anymore. You just need to remember how you attracted him before, so that you can do it again! It’s simple, even though it doesn’t seem like it right now.

Guys are pretty straight forward creatures. Think about what makes your boyfriend tick. What does he love to do? What does he hate? What did he find attractive about you? The more you can think about these things, the easier it will be for you to figure out how to get him back after a break up. You just need to figure out how to attract him to you again. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You don’t need to sacrifice yourself or your pride. You are a mature, adult, right? So treat yourself like one!

What kind of advice would you give to a friend if she were in your shoes? If the advice would be “let this one go” then it might not be a good time to try to find out how to get him back after a break up. Maybe you should let the dust settle for a while. But if it would be “dust yourself off and go out there and get him back!” then it’s time to take your own advice!

how to get him backIf your boyfriend was a loving, caring guy and the two of you just got lost in your problems, then figure out a way to sort them out. You don’t have to work on them right away. You don’t even have to work on them before getting him interested in you again. Think about what you want from a relationship? Can this guy give it to you? Can he really and truly make you happy? Or are you just settling because you don’t know how to move on? Make sure that you want to know how to get him back after a break up because you really love him and are meant to be with him. Don’t just do it because he’s all you’ve ever known. Stand on your own two feet, no matter what. That way you will always be happy with or without a boyfriend.

If you start from a place of making yourself happy, then he will be naturally attracted to you again. He will see the girl he fell in love with. He will want to be with you even more than before, because everyone wants to be around someone who makes them feel good. If you do things that make you feel confident in yourself, you won’t even need to figure out how to get him back after a break up, because he’ll be calling you again. He will remember the girl he fell in love with and he won’t want to let you out of his sight again!